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Welcome! This site is for all who are interested in exploring all the ways to support a whole foods, high-nutrient plant-based way of eating. I’m interested and enthusiastic and will share what I know and learn here.

On this site, I will tell you the truth. And I will continue to explore. I love cooking, kitchen gadgets, gardening, quotes, great recipes, helpful hints, everyday-life stories and lessons learned. And I will love sharing them here, with you. You are welcome here.

Creamy Vegetable Chowder

…Tom says, “I could eat this EVERY night!” It really is phenomenal that it can taste so good and be high-nutrient, too!

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Emily’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies

“This Pumpkin Spice cookie is the real thing! Even though it fits within “Eat To Live” guidelines, they will make your house smell wonderful as they cook…and the cookies are delicious! Save them for a special treat in the Fall or Winter.”

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VitaMix “Peppermint Patty” Smoothie

“This is a beautiful bright green smoothie if you don’t add the cocoa powder. I do love a Choco-Mint flavor, though.”

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VitaMix “Creamsicle” Smoothie

“This smoothie is refreshing and delicious on a warm/hot Summer day! It would work well with many citrus, but Cara Cara oranges are especially good. This is highly reminiscent of an Orange Julius drink. So get ready to be surprised how wonderful this tastes with so little preparation. Family members will be lining up at the VitaMix soda fountain for these!…”

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Vita-Mix Choco-Nana “Ice Cream”

I have been making this every day now (with a frozen banana) for weeks. I have a huge supply of frozen bananas in the freezer. When I was making the Choco-Nana “Ice Cream”, I told my 30 year old son, “Your Dad and I have decided that this is a reason to keep on living…”! As my son ate his bowl, he answered, “If I knew I was going to have this every day, it would definitely increase my quality-of-life.” [...]

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Vita-Mix Cold Compost (Dinosaur Vomit)

Years ago I decided to make cold compost in my Vita-Mix! I put carrot tops and other produce waste in my extra Vita-Mix container…For some reason it looked like (gross) dinosaur vomit to me!…That Summer I grew the biggest most gorgeous vegetables and flowers [...]

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I have been given a most worthwhile tip that will save you time and endless frustration: How To Easily Seed A Pomegranate!

When I was little I painstakingly pulled them out, one by one . As an adult I read the hint to peel them under water [...]

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Vita-Mix: Emily’s Purple “Ice Cream”

I love using the Vita-Mix for healthy fruit sorbets, freezes, and “ice cream”! Such a treat. And good for you! No guilt.

Your final product will vary in consistency (from soft-serve to hard) based upon the amount of frozen fruits, frozen ingredients, and liquid that you use. [...]

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