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Welcome! This site is for all who are interested in exploring all the ways to support a whole foods, high-nutrient plant-based way of eating. I’m interested and enthusiastic and will share what I know and learn here.

My husband was diagnosed with diabetes in 2000. We have been searching for a way-to-eat since then. I, on the other hand, had weight loss as a goal. I started Weight Watcher’s in 2001 and got to goal in 4 months. I’ve gone through the WW Flex, Core, and Simply Filling programs for weight loss and lifetime maintenance.

However, this last year I was unable to lose a 12-pound regain. A retired physician friend of my husband, Tom, gave him the book, The China Study. I read it immediately, unable to put it down. It had answers for me. Tom read it next. We then decided to conduct our Grand August 2009 Experiment  (following information we learned from The China Study, and from websites: drmcdougall.com and drculmer.com). We would give a whole foods, plant- based diet (with no animal-derived foods) a try for the month of August, 2009, and then see how we felt.

The results are in. In 4 weeks I was able to get back to my WW goal, losing 7 pounds. Tom has been able to control his blood sugar well for the first time in two years. My increased energy and positive moods have been only one wonderful result. In one month we’ve become fans of this way of eating. It has been delicious, easy, and a lot of fun for us. Essential ingredients for a way of life, I believe.

[Edit: 4/29/2010] Our saga continues!  It will be a year in August, 2010. In April, 2010, Tom’s friend recommended a Dr. Fuhrman book. I bought Eat To Live, and in the middle of April we began his 6-week nutritarian (high-nutrient plant foods) diet. Within the first week, Tom was off insulin, and into our second week he is weaning himself from oral diabetes medication.  In 10 days, I lost 5 pounds and Tom has lost 7.  We are both loving what we’re learning, and what we’re eating. I’ve got new things to be excited about!

[Edit: 8/5/2010] August 1st marked the day we have eaten a plant-based diet for one year! Tom is now 3.5 pounds from his Dr. Fuhrman weight goal, below a 23 BMI. His morning blood sugar readings are ranging from 83-104. I am several pounds below my Weight Watcher goal. We are thrilled.

[Edit: 9/4/2010] Tom had to start insulin, January, 2010 because his A1C level was 8.2. He stopped insulin one week after starting Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live diet in mid-April. 4 1/2 months later his A1C is 6.3!  The doctor wrote “GREAT!” on his lab report. (And I’m 7-pounds below my Weight Watcher goal weight.)

[Edit: 11/20/2012]  Tom is now 22.2 BMI! And I am 15.8 pounds below my Weight Watcher goal weight.

[Edit: 1/18/2016  Tom is now 21.3 BMI! He weighs what he did in middle school! 142.  And I am  21.3 BMI. 23 lbs below my WW goal weight.  I credit this new progress to Bright Line Eating, which we paired with Eat To Live (=BLEETL!). Our Bright Lines for weight loss and diabetes management are: no sugar, no flour, 3 meals a day--no snacking, and bounding meals. Susan Peirce Thompson's book on Bright Line Eating will be out in one year!]

On this site, I will tell you the truth. And I will continue to explore. I love cooking, kitchen gadgets, gardening, quotes, great recipes, helpful hints, everyday-life stories and lessons learned. And I will love sharing them here, with you. You are welcome here.


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