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Dress Warm!

A Great Day For A Walk

There are many parts of our lives
that we have little or no control
over: our bosses dictate
pressures from work, our family’s
troubles appear beyond reason or
solution, and world chaos always
looms over our heads. But there
are two parts of our lives we can
regulate 100%: the foods that
pass our lips and whether or not
we exercise. Even as the sky is
falling all around us, we can
choose a couple of baked potatoes
over French fries, water over
fructose-filled soda, and a daily walk
over the sofa

—Dr. John McDougall

Snoqualmie Oats Are My Favorite

Oatmeal For Breakfast Is A Good Choice

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  1. admin
    04/11/2009 at 7:30 pm Permalink

    so true. I love that photograph. It is so peacful and calm. Thanks for the little break : )

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