Vita-Mix Cold Compost (Dinosaur Vomit)

Carol » April 18, 2011 » In Blog » No Comments

Years ago I decided to make cold compost in my Vita-Mix! I put carrot tops and other produce waste in my extra Vita-Mix container…For some reason it looked like (gross) dinosaur vomit to me!…That Summer I grew the biggest most gorgeous vegetables and flowers [...]

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Vita-Mix: My Story

Carol » August 15, 2010 » In Blog » 4 Comments

I didn’t grow up with a Vita-Mix in my home. I sure wish I would have!  I think I would have had so much fun creating delicious concoctions. But I had to wait until I was an adult, with my own family, before I got one. With it, I have my own smoothie-bar! My Vita-Mix [...]

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Potato Grow Bags

Carol » August 08, 2010 » In Blog » 2 Comments

We have a very small garden space. So I was excited when I saw these felt potato grow bags that could be filled with soil and put wherever I wanted! Could a gardener ask for more? I found a sunny location, and added a drip from our irrigation system. I rolled down the felt bag [...]

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A Dizzy Chick

Carol » August 06, 2010 » In Blog » 4 Comments

This is a short note to explain why I haven’t been posting for many many months: I became A Dizzy Chick! One night in March I hopped into bed and felt like I was Alice-In-Wonderland falling headfirst down The Rabbit Hole, and I was spinning. When I saw the ENT I was diagnosed with “benign [...]

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Thought For The Day

Carol » September 20, 2009 » In Blog » 1 Comment

Dress Warm!

“There are many parts of our lives that we have little or no control over: our bosses dictate pressures from work, our family’s troubles appear beyond reason or solution, and world chaos always looms over our heads. But there are two parts of our lives we can regulate 100% [...]

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Garden Update

Carol » August 30, 2009 » In Blog » 2 Comments

Fresh Basil

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair.”

—Kahlil Gibran

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