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Vita-Mix Choco-Nana “Ice Cream”

Carol » April 22, 2012 » In Recipes » 2 Comments

I have been making this every day now (with a frozen banana) for weeks. I have a huge supply of frozen bananas in the freezer. When I was making the Choco-Nana “Ice Cream”, I told my 30 year old son, “Your Dad and I have decided that this is a reason to keep on living…”! As my son ate his bowl, he answered, “If I knew I was going to have this every day, it would definitely increase my quality-of-life.” [...]

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Cashew Cream: Dessert Topping

Carol » August 06, 2010 » In Recipes » No Comments

We used to receive a mailing called The Ruralite. It had a recipe section. Tom and I still joke about our all-time favorite question, “Does anyone have a recipe for homemade COOL WHIP?” [...]

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Vita-Mix: Strawberry-Banana Freeze

Carol » September 04, 2009 » In Recipes » 3 Comments

Strawberry Banana Freeze

I’ve had a Vita-Mix for more than 20 years now, and it would be one thing I would take to a desert island! It makes easy work of this Strawberry-Banana Freeze. I’ve called it “a blender on steroids”! Your regular blender might be able to come close, but will probably have unblended bits of frozen [...]

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