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Bean Salad Sandwich

Carol » September 17, 2009 » In Recipes » 3 Comments

Mock Tuna Sandwich

This was one of the first vegan recipes that Tom and I tried on our Grand August 2009 Experiment. It’s called “Mock Tuna Salad“, but I think you should call a bean a bean! Plus I listened to Rachel Ray the other day and used an idea of hers to ratchet this recipe up a [...]

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Whole Wheat Pita Breads

Carol » September 15, 2009 » In Recipes » 4 Comments

Whole Wheat Pitas

I read recipes the way I read science fiction: I get to the end and I think,
“Well that’s not gonna’ happen.” —unknown I remember being out of college and wanting to make my first loaf of bread. I chose Joy Of Cooking, and started reading: “…behold one of the great dramas of the kitchen [...]

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