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Carol’s Happy Bowl

Carol » August 30, 2010 » In Recipes » 7 Comments

We are so fortunate to have the wonderful restaurant, Cafe Yumm!, in our town. I love having the opportunity to call in an order and not have to cook! We do it often enough that the staff knows us  by name. They are famous for their Yumm! sauce that goes with their Yumm! bowls (beans [...]

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An Easy And Authentic Marinara

Carol » September 06, 2009 » In Recipes » 3 Comments

Easy Marinara

I was lucky to have a neighbor’s mom, Kay, share her delicious marinara recipe years ago. When she was younger, she had lived next to a young woman from Italy who had shared her recipe. I don’t think it could be any more delicious or simple. I’m happy to pass it on.

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