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Vita-Mix Choco-Nana “Ice Cream”

Carol » April 22, 2012 » In Recipes » 2 Comments

I have been making this every day now (with a frozen banana) for weeks. I have a huge supply of frozen bananas in the freezer. When I was making the Choco-Nana “Ice Cream”, I told my 30 year old son, “Your Dad and I have decided that this is a reason to keep on living…”! As my son ate his bowl, he answered, “If I knew I was going to have this every day, it would definitely increase my quality-of-life.” [...]

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Vita-Mix: Emily’s Purple “Ice Cream”

Carol » January 03, 2011 » In Recipes » 1 Comment

I love using the Vita-Mix for healthy fruit sorbets, freezes, and “ice cream”! Such a treat. And good for you! No guilt.

Your final product will vary in consistency (from soft-serve to hard) based upon the amount of frozen fruits, frozen ingredients, and liquid that you use. [...]

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Cashew-Cookie CarolBars

Carol » September 10, 2009 » In Recipes » 13 Comments

Cashew Cookie Treats

We buy and love eating Larabars, “The Original Fruit And Nut Food Bar”. Tom can carry one in his golf bag. I, on the other hand, love them with a cup of tea in the afternoon. I also carry them with me in the car in case I get too hungry while doing errands. I [...]

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